History of Journal

History Of The Tajdid

Journal Tajdid was first established in 2001 under the name Tajdid: Information Media and Development of Religious Sciences with Abdul Halim as Editor and Arifullah as Executive Editor. Initial publications within the years Tajdid did not have an ISSN number. In connection with the LIPI policy regarding the mandatory ISSN number in each issue, on May 29 2007 Tajdid was registered with LIPI to obtain ISSN and obtained ISSN number: 1412-7849 which at that time was still in print. First published with Volume I No. 1 and 2, 2001. In 2005, the journal Tajdid did not publish articles due to the scarcity of writers so that there was a difference between the volume number and the year number, namely in 2006 it was published again with the identity of Volume VII No. 1 and 2.

Changes To The Management Composition, Name, And ISSN Tajdid

 In 2009, the management of Tajdid underwent a change where since this year Tajdid was led by Badarussyamsi as Chief Editor. Until 2011, Tajdid was still a printed version of the publication and was not yet an online publication. The development of regulations regarding journal publications has resulted in the birth of provisions regarding journal specifications which must show the scientific family of the institution. Badarussyamsi conducted consultations with the Ministry of Religion Education about the scientific clumps that should characterize the Tajdid journal. As a result of the consultation, Badarussyamsi changed the name of the journal from Tajdid: Media Information and Development of Religious Sciences to Tajdid: Jurnal Ilmu Ushuluddin.

Under the name Tajdid: Jurnal Ilmu Ushuluddin, in 2014 Badarussyamsi re-registered this journal to obtain a new ISSN so that in 2015 a new Tajdid ISSN came out: Jurnal Ilmu Ushuluddin with number p-ISSN: 2502-3063 (print media). Not long after, in 2015, Tajdid: Jurnal Ilmu Ushuluddin was registered again to obtain ISSN online so that in 2016 e-ISSN Tajdid: Jurnal Ilmu Ushuluddin was issued with the number e-ISSN 2541-5018 (online media).

As an accreditation requirement where the composition of journal writers must be 80% external writers since 2013 Tajdid has been designed to filter articles from outside authors. Following the name Tajdid: Jurnal Ilmu Ushuluddin, this journal accepts articles with the scientific background of Ushuluddin and Islamic Thought whose scope of the study includes; Kalam or Theology, Philosophy, Sufism, and Knowledge of the Qur'an and Tafsir.

Migration Of Tajdid From OJS 2 To OJS 3

Since 2018, Tajdid: Jurnal Ilmu Ushuluddin has migrated and upgraded OJS from OJS 2 to OJS 3. The main reason for the migration is the website of the UIN STS Jambi journal home - where the URL address or associated Tajdid link in it - often goes down and finally collapses so that all Tajdid online data is lost. Another reason is that editors, reviewers, and authors find it easier to manage, revise, and submit journal articles. The URL address or the old Tajdid link is http://ejournal.iainjambi.ac.id/index.php/tajdid/index The new URL address or Tajdid link is: https://tajdid.uinjambi.ac.id/index.php/tajdid

Tajdid: Journal Of Science Ushuluddin Accredited By Sinta 3 Ristek Dikti

In May 2019, Badarussyamsi as Chief Editor submitted a proposal for accreditation of Tajdid: Jurnal Ilmu Ushuluddin to Ristekdikti through the Arjuna portal. Alhamdulillah, in October 2019 based on the Decree of the Director-General for Strengthening Research and Development of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education Number 28 / E / KPT / 2019, September 26, 2019, Tajdid: Journal of Science Ushuluddin has been accredited by Sinta 3. The accreditation can be accessed here, and the online accreditation status of Tajdid: Jurnal Ilmu Ushuluddin can be seen on this link.